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herself giuseppe zanotti sale reeling

If a friend is down with the flu or has a stay in the hospital, you stop by the card shop or the grocery and pick up a card that says "Thinking of you" or makes giuseppe zanotti flats on sale cute little jokes about doctors and hospital gowns that open in the back. But suppose your best girlfriend or your sister or your mother receives the news: Breast cancer. Mastectomy. Chemotherapy. Radiation. "Get well soon" suddenly seems woefully inadequate.

This was Marilyn Shoemaker's experience. Having never had a mammogram at the age of 43, giuseppe zanotti pumps for sale she discovered a lump in her breast getting ready for bed on a Friday night. After spending a tense weekend telling herself it was probably nothing, Marilyn went quickly the following week from mammogram to sonogram to lumpectomy to dual mastectomy and directly into a regimen of chemotherapy and radiation, because the cancer had already spread into her lymph system.

If Marilyn was herself giuseppe zanotti sale reeling from her sudden plunge into the odyssey of the cancer patient, those around her were little better at responding to her pain and fear. What does one say, after all, to a woman who has just lost both breasts? Who has lost all of her hair to her cancer treatment? What do you say to someone who may, in fact, be dying? Many, in their discomfort, simply avoid contact at all, depriving the patient of comfort when it is needed most. Marilyn's friends, family, and fellow church members reached out to her in love and concern, but often needed as much comfort as she did in their grief over her condition.

One special group of Marilyn's friends, "The Birthday Girlfriends," was able to offer solace without fear or hesitation. Over the next five years, through three remissions and giuseppe zanotti design outlet three recurrences (Marilyn is currently receiving treatment for the fourth time), this beloved group of friends has consistently given her support and encouragement with personally written cards and notes. To this day, Marilyn receives several cards a week from these caring women.

Throughout her ordeal, Marilyn's faith in God remained strong. "I knew that no matter what was happening to me, God was in control," she giuseppe zanotti wedges says through misty eyes. "And I knew that He could make something good come from even this."

"Something good" is CancerCare Cards, a line of greeting cards designed specifically for cancer patients. Intended to help friends and relatives of those with cancer to find words of support at a time when it is often most awkward and painful to do so, CancerCare Cards bring messages of comfort, hope and survival; they are celebrations of giuseppe zanotti shoes life and friendship.

"It's only when it happens to you, and you start looking, that you realize there is really nothing out there like this," Marilyn explains. "That's when I got the inspiration to start designing cards for cancer patientscards that I would like to have received! Cards like the Birthday Girlfriends made for me."

Melissa Leedom holds degrees in English and Professional Writing from Troy State University at Dothan, Alabama, and Towson University in Maryland. A parttime developmental math instructor at Central Texas College in Killeen, giuseppe zanotti sandals she makes her home in the suburban Austin area.

In addition to promoting her own novel, To Forgive, Divine, and working on its sequel, Ms. Leedom provides a comprehensive marketing service that can send your press release to specifically targeted states or to newspapers throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, and Englishlanguage publications throughout the world.

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Drapes can hang christian louboutin pumps to the

Measure the window. Use your tape measure to measure the width and height of the window. If you already have a drapery rod that you will use, measure that as well since it is wider than the window. Remember that these measurements christian louboutin outlet online do not include the extra allowances for the hem, rod pocket at the top or the side seams. If you want drapes and curtains that are full and billowy then you will need to add extra fabric into your calculations.

Decide how long the drapes should be. Drapes can hang christian louboutin pumps to the floor, gather on the floor or hang to just below the window. The choice is yours. Once you decide how you want your window curtains to look, measure that length.

Purchase the fabric. When purchasing fabric it is best to err on the side of caution christian louboutin sale and order more than you think you will need. In most cases you will want the double the length and double to triple the width. This allows for all seams, some billowing for the width and for any errors you may have made in measurement.

Wash the fabric. Wash and dry the fabric so that if it is going to shrink it does so before you start cutting. Iron the fabric to create a smooth surface. christian louboutin daffodile sale

Measure and mark the panels. If you are making window draperies that have two identical panels, then the best way is to fold the fabric in half then start to measure and mark where your cuts should be. Again, you don't want drapes that fit tight over the window so for width you should be measuring the hem on each side, not the actual face of the panel. For the length you will want to be more precise. Create marks where to fold the rod pocket at the top. If you are using extra thick hardware or rods be sure to check the width. Then mark the bottom hem for how it shall hang. Doublecheck your measurements several times when it comes to length. You don't want to have to redo the hem. christian louboutin peep toe pumps

Separate the panels. Once everything is marked on both sides, christian loubuotin heels cut the fabric to separate the two panels.

Sew the liner and side hems. When sewing curtains, it is often easier to place the liner on the back of the fabric and sew the liner to it at the same time you sew the hems. This makes fewer visible seam lines. christian louboutin outlet Fold the fabric over the liner at the hem width then sew the hem.

Sew the rod pocket and bottom hem. Sew along the seams you christian louboutin flats shoes marked earlier. Make sure that the seams top and bottom overlap the liner fabric so that it is sewed securely and is hidden by the drapery fabric.

Thread the drapes on the rod, then hang in place. Once the drapes are sewn, they are ready to hang. Slide the rod through the rod pocket of both panels then hang the rod. Arrange the christian louboutin pigalle shoes panels to the look you desire.

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answer is balenciaga bags that they

What Looks Better With a Black Dres However, when you're going for a sexy, fashionforward look and are deciding whether cheetah heels or red heels look best, the answer is that they look equally stunning. For example, if you're wearing a black dress and cheetah heels, you can add [b][url=http://www.hjbon.com/celine-c-34/]celine outlet[/url][/b] a clutch in any color you desire without worrying about it clashing with your red shoes. From red to green to hot pink, you're free to style around your [b][url=http://www.hjbon.com/balenciaga-c-41/]balenciaga bags[/url][/b] outfit with color. While cheetah print offers a bold punch, it works well with all skin tones. If you're torn, consider wearing red lipstick or adding a red scarf to your ensemble to [b][url=http://www.hjbon.com/balenciaga-c-41/]balenciaga handbags outlet[/url][/b] get the best of both worlds.

 If you're really having trouble deciding which looks better, cheetah or red heels, wear both at the same time. That does not mean wearing one shoe from each pair. Reach for a pair of red heels with a black cheetah print. This look combines the best of both options. Add red to your ensemble by reaching for a pair of heels with redpainted soles [b][url=http://www.hjbon.com/balenciaga-c-41/]balenciaga bag sale[/url][/b] and inner heel spikes so onlookers catch just a glimpse of red. [b][url=http://www.hjbon.com/celine-c-34/]celine outlet online[/url][/b] As for your uppers, consider a pair in black for a strong anchor to your look. Or, opt for nude so the focus remains primarily on your dress with just a [b][url=http://www.hjbon.com/celine-c-34/]celine handbags[/url][/b] hint of footwear interest if you can find a pair with stud or spike detailing, even better.

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serve as giuseppe zanotti outlet useless

Pegs are not common on most forms of bicycles. guiseppe zanotti sneakersIn fact, for many types of bikes, they would only serve as giuseppe zanotti outlet useless weight or an obstacle to deal with. These pegs are usually fixed to the rear axle and front wheel of your bike. Pegs are used primarily to perform stunts and tricks on motocross bicycles. On BMX bikes pegs vastly expand the types of tricks possible, from front wheelies to double peg grinds.

Bike pegs are designed for riders to place their feet and their weight over the center of the wheel. This provides a more stable platform than the pedals, allowing the rider more control in the movements of the bike. The positioning of the axles makes balancing on one wheel much easier and provides a pivot point to rotate and move the BMX bike. The pegs are often used to "grind" along a surface, such as giuseppe zanotti flats for sale a curb, concrete bench or rail, as the rider balances on the moving bike.

Although some BMX giuseppe zanotti pumps bike pegs are freespinning on the axle, most are rigid and fixed to reduce the risk of slipping during tricks. They may have metal or rubber surfaces, depending on the grip desires of the rider, and some also feature flatter tops to help the shoe grip the peg. The width can vary depending on the needs of the rider, including the space needed for foot placement and the demands of various tricks to be performed. Fans of grinding tricks usually prefer all metal pegs.

Function Instead of Style MX bike pegs can be styled as the rider desires they may be painted or have no covering over the metal. To some degree, the type of paint or decor used on bike pegs can change how they cheap giuseppe zanotti wedges respond under the foot. The structural components of the pegs are too integral to performance to be selected based on style, minimizing the creative liberties afforded by this feature.

Not all BMX bikes come with pegs prefixed onto the bicycle. This is done to allow the owner of the bike to choose his own pegs, since the feel and performance of pegs can be very important to performing tricks. Additionally, BMX bikes designed for racing do not include pegs because this feature is useless in racing and only giuseppe zanotti design sandals serves to weigh the bicycle down. Any bike intended for stunts, however, needs pegs. While pegs are optional, all freestyle and stunt riders should use a helmet and elbow pads to protect themselves when giuseppe zanottithey fall.


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Just Get celine outlet online Anywhere

The Spring 2012 Accessories You Can't Just Get celine outlet online Anywhere

I've always been interested in fashion and the business of fashion. I write about the latest clothes and trends just as much as I write about the commerce and trade of the industry. I also like to write about how balenciaga bag salehistory, art and popular culture relate to fashion. I have more than 10 years of fashion journalism backgrounda decade or so of writing and dressing in everything balenciaga bags from Prada to Zara to Yves Saint Laurent. I write for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, Asia Tatler and Harper's Bazaar Singapore. This poses a problem to many who long to find special pieces that are rare or difficult to get. A sartorial conundrum for women who live for the hunt of that ultraluxurious and only one of its kind handbag or brooch. Thus, you can no longer say "Oh, I got these shoes in Milan" because there's a high percentage that those exact pair will be available in all the major stores around the world.

It is for this very reason that Lane Crawford in Hong Kong has decided to team up with designers and labels, via a collaboration called Blitz, to create exclusive accessories especially for the Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong and China, and for their ecommerce site. Whether it's by choosing colors or finishes globally exclusive to the retail giant celine outlet or changing a concept entirely (like 3.1 Phillip Lim's denim vest which now doubles as a backpack), these accessories from relative upstarts like Peter Pilotto and Erdem to blue chip names like Christian Louboutin, Celine and Alexander McQueen are one of a kind. Or two in the case celine handbagsof the leather backpacks inspired by golf bags from Alexander Wang. Only 10 of those are available worldwide. Lane Crawford has twoone in white, the other in black.

Click on the slideshow balenciaga handbags outlet to see the gallery of spring 2012s lustworthy accessories from Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Balenciaga and many more. Prepare to drool.


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Planning a party for your child can serve as a hectic task for any parent. You definitely christian loubuotin heels want the event to be a memorable one for not only your child but his party guests, too. One of the greatest challenges of having an indoor event will be keeping everyone entertained for the entire duration of the party in limited space. Scavenger christian louboutin outlet online hunts christian louboutin pigalle shoes are ideal games for children to play when they are stuck inside the house, according to KidsHealth. Consider a themed scavenger hunt. Let children find items based on the party's theme. Perhaps your child is having an underwaterthemed party. Hide plastic fish around an indoor party area. The kids can keep the fish as prizes to take home. Alternatively, have a candy hunt. Since small candy can pose a choking hazard for very young children, only have this hunt for older children. Hide candy in the party area for the guests to collect.

Get your young party guests involved in musical games. A kids' version of "Name That Tune" can encourage musical engagement for children, according to Music Therapist Kimberly SenaMoore in an article for "Psychology Today." Play several snippets of popular children's songs or kids' TV show theme songs. The first guest to guess the song's title and musical artist wins a small prize. For a different game, plan a children's musical performance in your living room, SenaMoore suggests. Outdoor games can be altered for the indoors if you use soft equipment and a large open area. Kids can get some exercise by participating in an indoor basketball tournament using overthedoor hoops and soft foam basketballs, KidsHealth suggests. Let each child have three turns to shoot a ball in the hoop. Hand out small prizes to any child who gets a ball in the hoop. Additionally, engage the guests in an indoor baseball game. Recreate a popular cooking show and let kids test out their culinary expertise. Hold a "World's Best Pizza Chef" contest. Lay out several ingredients and toppings for miniature pizzas. After each guest has finished making christian louboutin daffodile sale her pizza, bake the pizza in the oven. Designate a person to serve as the judge to select christian louboutin peep toe pumps the best pizza. Give the winning child her own kidsize chef hat. You can also hold christian louboutin pumps a cupcake decorating contest to see who can make the most delicious cupcake.